Miss Quoted & Mr Meaner (single)

by Mark Vidler GoHomeProductions

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A 'novelty' AA sided single.

"Miss Quoted" is about as tongue in cheek as I could ever get away with.
"Hangin' Out" is dangerously close to being less homage and more pastiche.

The influences are extremely blatant.
One side is British.
The other side is American.

Best listened to after wine, after dinner and after dark.

Mark Vidler (May 2013)


released May 13, 2013

Written, Recorded and Produced by Mark Vidler (2013)



all rights reserved


Mark Vidler GoHomeProductions Northampton, UK

Mark Vidler aka GoHomeProductions:
Songwriting, Remixing, Music Edit & Production since 2002.

Responsible for many official (and otherwise) Mash-Up Bootlegs and Remixes over the past decade (Bowie, Dylan, The Doors, Blondie, Sex Pistols, Madonna etc)
Mix sets for Radio 1, XFM, BBC 6 Music, WFMU.
Music edits for TV ads (Levis, Heineken, Nike, Toyota).
Audio Visual artist with Addictive TV.
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Track Name: Mark Vidler - Miss Quoted & Mr Meaner
Jo & Alan sold their souls for a ground floor flat
And a black and white cat
Struggle hard day to day, just to make ends meet
But their lives are complete

She's misquoted and he's misdemeanor
There's no amount of scrubbing that will make things cleaner
coz the belts tight and the bacon lean this time
...but they don't mind.

Monday morning and the bus is half an hour late
So she's having to wait
She cast her mind back to Alan and when they first met
She broke into a sweat

"He's as useful as a broken cup
just give him 20 minutes and he'll fuck it up
'cause he's so blind and out of luck this time"
...but she don't mind.


Alan wishes Jo would understand
The problems that he faces as a 'married man'
And it hasn't worked out the way he planned this time
...but she won't mind.

There's a note, hand-written on the kitchen door
But it fell to the floor
"You never listened to a single word I said
then you fucked off to bed"

He's the one who gives up the ghost
Puts sugar in her coffee and he burns her toast
But she's too tired to make the most this time
...and she don't mind.

Time went by, Jo & Alan went their separate ways
At the end of the day
She couldn't spend another minute in his company
And decided to leave

She's misquoted and he's misdemeanor
Driving round Northampton in a blue cortina
And if they ask, you've ain't never seen 'em
...but they don't mind, no they don't mind.

copyright Mark Vidler (2013)
Track Name: Mark Vidler - Hangin' Out In A Lost And Found
Hey Suzie Sue have you seen the time?
We haven't slept since a quarter to nine
Been up all night on the lemon & lime
I should feel worse but i'm feelin' fine

It's been so long but you're looking good
I'd take you back on Monday if I could
But something tells me that it's not quite right
I think I won't be going home tonight...alright!

I took the elevator down to the store
I guess I haven't felt this way before
Sticky, hot and sweating in the afternoon
I get the feelin' that it's much too soon

I took a train to get out of town
I don't know when but i'll see you around
I'm hangin' out in a lost and found
I'm gettin' down at a pound for pound...alright!

copyright Mark Vidler (2013)